Supporters + Partnerships

At Nā Kia`i Pa`a, we understand that our mission to protect Hawaii’s native plants and preserve the unique beauty of our islands wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support of organizations, individuals, and dedicated volunteers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who stand by us in our journey to safeguard Hawaii’s natural heritage.

Our Supporters:

Individual Donors: We are deeply grateful to the individuals who have generously contributed to our cause. Your donations have played a significant role in funding our conservation efforts, from habitat restoration to educational programs. Every dollar makes a difference, and your support inspires us to keep working towards a sustainable future for Hawaii.

Volunteers: Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Their dedication and passion for native plant conservation is truly inspiring. Whether they are planting saplings, leading workshops, or engaging with the community, our volunteers embody the spirit of environmental stewardship. Thank you for your tireless efforts in the field and in our community.

Corporate Partners: We are proud to collaborate with businesses that share our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our corporate partners understand the importance of preserving Hawaii’s native flora and fauna. Together, we have initiated impactful projects, supported educational programs, and made significant strides in habitat restoration.

Educational Institutions: Schools and educational institutions have played a crucial role in raising awareness about the significance of native plant conservation. We are thankful for their dedication to integrating our educational materials into their curriculum, helping us reach young minds and future environmental leaders.

Our Partners:

Local Conservation Organizations: We are honored to collaborate with fellow conservation organizations in Hawaii. By pooling our resources and expertise, we have achieved remarkable success in our joint efforts to protect native plants and their ecosystems.

Government Agencies: Working in partnership with government agencies has allowed us to access critical resources and support for our conservation initiatives. We are grateful for their commitment to preserving Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Foundations and Grant Providers: The financial support we receive from foundations and grant providers has been instrumental in executing our programs and projects. Their funding has enabled us to expand our reach and make a lasting impact.

Community Leaders: Community leaders and advocates have been instrumental in rallying support for our mission. Their efforts to engage local communities and raise awareness have been invaluable.

Thank you for standing with us in our mission to protect Hawaii’s native plants. Your support is an integral part of our success, and we look forward to continuing our journey together towards a greener and healthier Hawaii.

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a supporter or partner, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Together, we can make an even greater impact on native plant conservation in Hawaii.