Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of Nā Kia`i Pa`a. We understand that you may have questions about our mission, programs, and how you can get involved. We’ve compiled a list of common inquiries to provide you with quick and informative answers. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for here, please feel free to Contact Us for further assistance.

1. What is Nā Kia`i Pa`a all about?

  • Nā Kia`i Pa`a is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Hawaii’s native plant species and their ecosystems. Our mission is to protect the unique biodiversity of the Hawaiian Islands.

2. How can I get involved as a volunteer?

  • We offer a range of volunteer opportunities, from habitat restoration to educational outreach. Contact Maile at [email protected] to learn more about upcoming volunteer programs and how to sign up.

3. Can I make a donation to support your organization?

  • Absolutely! Your generous donations play a crucial role in our conservation efforts. To make a tax-deductible contribution, visit our Donations page for more information.

4. Do you offer educational programs for schools or groups?

  • Yes, we do! We provide educational materials and workshops tailored for schools and community groups. Explore our Resources page for educational resources, or Contact Us to inquire about customized programs.

5. How can my business or organization partner with you?

  • We welcome partnerships and collaborations with businesses, organizations, and institutions that share our mission. To explore partnership opportunities and their benefits, visit our Partnerships page.

6. What are the key challenges facing native plant conservation in Hawaii?

  • Native plant conservation in Hawaii faces challenges such as habitat loss, invasive species, and climate change. Visit our Resources for articles and reports that delve deeper into these issues.

7. Can I visit your nursery or conservation sites?

  • We often host open house events and tours of our nursery and conservation sites. Stay updated on our Events page for upcoming opportunities to visit us.

8. How can I stay informed about your organization’s news and events?

9. How can I support your organization if I can’t volunteer or donate?

  • You can still make a difference by spreading awareness about our mission. Share our content on social media, attend our community events, and engage in conversations about native plant conservation.

Thank you for your interest in Nā Kia`i Pa`a. We appreciate your support and dedication to preserving Hawaii’s natural heritage. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.