our mission:

Our mission is to rehabilitate Hawai`i by protecting and reforesting our sacred `āina, by raising, educating and supporting goal oriented kanaka and by sharing our deeply rooted culture in its most authentic and organic form.

who are we?

We are… Descendants of the Kanaka Maoli whom journeyed to the most isolated location on the planet to make the archipelago of Hawai’i home.  

We are… Protectors of all land, water and life our ancestors communed with and cultivated to remember and personify their sacredness.

We are… Citizens of Hawai’i placing one step forward everyday towards regaining our rightful independence and self-determination.

We are… Community. That follows the guidance of the majority consensus of all contributing stakeholders to navigate our intentions into the future with integrity and transparency. 

We are… ‘Ohana at our core. We are the family that has unconditional, unrestricted, unapologetic Aloha. That is the foundation that binds us and the value that pushes us beyond comfort into the unexpected, unplanned and unexplored. 

We are… Nā Kia’i Pa’a.

“The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself. It is the only place for us to live.”

-Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan