Our Core Values-

As a newly formed non-profit, we are solely focused on the future of Hawai`iʻs sacred āina, our communities, our culture and our people.

In alignment with our mission and vision we will be able to share our culture, uplift our people and protect our `āina.


Nā Kia`i Pa`a is at the core of Hawai`iʻs natural riches, however, these once flourishing landscapes are continuously being threatened by the stateʻs mismanagement of our `āina.

Working with the original stewards of the land and under the guidance of our ancestors, our goal is to leverage our best thinking, conservation capacity, and community action to measurably improve the condition of Hawai`iʻs crown lands and itʻs people.

Stewarding the sacred lands in Hawai`i is a complex venture. These lands are often the center of controversy over both management objectives and practice.
When people with conflicting views sit down together and work toward a zone of agreement, their joint commitment to the land leads to more creative and lasting restoration and stewardship strategies.

We encourage and support collaborative processes and strive to improve the relationships between communities, the land, and itʻs sacred waterways.

Our goal is to balance the unification of land and kanaka to present Hawai`iʻs beautiful culture in a raw and organic manner.

Restoration blends an understanding of cultural practices with science and the need to adapt for our ever changing future.
To ensure that our forests, watersheds and habitats can persist and are resilient through diverse impacts over time, effective restoration also demands that we care for the entire system.

We believe in the power of on-the-ground conservation efforts to restore our sacred lands.

The most sustainable strategies involve people who make their living from the land as well as those who advocate for its protection.

Restoring the connection to the land is the first step to the rehabilitation of our people.

Hawai`iʻs once sacred lands are now the peopleʻs lands.
Now and in the future, these lands depend on enduring public trust and engagement.

As we pursue our mission, we reach to communities, individuals and partners, to create and support collective efforts that preserve and embrace these lands.

People who have spent time looking over the slopes at the vast lands, explored trails or spent a weekend camping, understand that our forests are fundamental to our identity and are a legacy that we must protect and pass on to future generations.


We believe in the importance of investing in the strength of communities of interest, and of place.

We want to help people convert their passion for restoration into meaningful and sustainable conservation solutions and actions.

We value a collaborative community and recognize that building their capacity is key to maintaining engagement, and stewardship of the lands.

Further, we believe lasting impact is achieved when creative solutions target ecological, economic and community objectives.